From the CPO Forum to the Prescheduled 1-on-1 Matchmaking Meetings, CelebrASIAN provides endless chances to connect with potential buyers and entrepreneurs who could do business with you.

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Supplier Diversity Procurement Leadership Caucus

Corporate and government supplier diversity and small business managers and directors will hold candid discussions on the current state of supplier diversity, including challenges, best practices, and strategic solutions (for Supplier Diversity professionals only).

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Chief Procurement Officers Forum

Top Procurement officers from leading fortune powerhouses will share their thoughts on domestic and global trends in the supply chain, and what small businesses must do to align with the strategic needs of these corporations in the domestic and global marketplace.

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Fast100 Asian American Business Awards

The Fast100 Asian American Business Awards puts a spotlight on the 100 fastest-growing Asian American-owned businesses nationwide. They are the laboratory of innovation, job creators, and are the backbone of our economy, along with other small businesses in the country.

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Prescheduled 1-on-1 Business Matchmaking

Hundreds of meetings between diverse suppliers and buyers from corporate powerhouses, governments, large nonprofits and other diverse enterprises take place, facilitating business connections and lucrative procurement opportunities.

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Grow Together Connection Place

Diverse, and innovative suppliers and buyers across industries – showcase their products and services, connect with various industry partners and potential customers, advertise to a target market, create brand awareness, and make deals.

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Doing Business with Government Panel

Learn tips and steps to become eligible as a government or federal contractor, listen to speakers who will share data about projects that have been contracted to small and disadvantaged businesses in the past for their respective agencies, and hear forecasts on government purchases this year.

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i-Builders (Industry Builders) Marketplace Luncheon: Architects of Transformation

Features successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who have upended or will soon change the market with disruptive innovation. They will share insights into how to discover and turn their creative ideas and concepts into game-changing products and services.

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WISE (Women Initiative for Strategic Empowerment)

The WISE (Women Initiative for Strategic Empowerment) Forum will provide a platform to Pan Asian American and Minority women in business to meet, develop skills, make connections, and grow together. Formerly known as the Women Empowering Women Forum.

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Doing Business with Corporations & Government Agencies Roundtables

Our Doing Business with Roundtables show the intricacies of the corporation and government contracting process. Suppliers will engage in 10-minute sessions with senior supply diversity and procurement leaders and small business specialists at multiple roundtable discussions. The exchange of information between the suppliers and the procurement / contracting organizations will be straight forward, candid, and substantive. This roundtable could be where your relationships begin with potential buyers.

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EBRG (Employee Business Resource Group) Caucus

Join us at the EBRG Leadership Caucus to explore innovative strategies for meaningful information exchange and quality networking activities within Pan Asian American and other diverse Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs). This platform builds connection and camaraderie among peers from diverse industries. Through focused discussions on talent development and community engagement, anchored in professional development strategies and practices, attendees will gain insight on what new skills to acquire that would improve operational excellence and foster a welcoming and inclusive work environment.

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College Scholarships

For over three decades, USPAACC’s College Scholarship Program has provided essential financial assistance to deserving students through the generous contributions of major corporations and Asian American businesses. 100% of funds we raise for scholarships goes to the students. USPAACC covers administrative, travel and hotel costs so the students could come to the conference, meet their sponsors and peers, and observe the proceedings. They leave the conference with a burning desire to give back to their communities.

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