Together Tomorrow

Inclusion + Allyship = Growth & Opportunities

Together, America has lived through the COVID-19 pandemic that began in early 2020. Now, the country looks forward as Americans begin to reinvent and invest in leading as the most vibrant and robust society this world has ever known. We, the American people, will take the lessons learned from this pandemic to build a tomorrow that is safe, and inclusive for a prosperous America.

The USPAACC represents an exceptional 35-year track record of connecting Pan Asian Americans, minority and diverse businesses to Fortune corporations, governments, and large non-profits. With such a community, USPAACC organizes leaders and implement ideas to create an environment where everyone can thrive and succeed through programs such as Chief Procurement Officers Forum, CIO/CTO/DCO Forum, How to Do Business with Specific Industries Series, How to Do Business with the Federal Government, 1-on-1 Matchmaking Meetings, Innovation Pitch Competitions, Business Executive Coaching, and Supplier Diversity Trade Fair. Our signature programs spanning over 20 years have been a catalyst for achievement on behalf of our constituents and business partnerships. USPAACC has provided opportunities for its small-business members and corporate sponsors to generate deals worth $1 billion in profits.

Together Tomorrow, hosted by USPAACC, will celebrate what all Americans have endured and triumphed through these arduous times and invite you to join us on June 8th through June 10th where inclusion and allyship will bring forth growth, opportunities, and prosperity.

Welcome Message

Charlie Scharf

Chief Executive Officer Wells Fargo

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Kirt Walker

Chief Executive Officer Nationwide

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What Happens at CelebrAsian


Insights to Grow Your Business

Learn the best resources, right solutions and viable strategies to grow your business.


Access to Green Opportunities

Explore and access lucrative “green” opportunities.


Sell to New Customers

Sell to new customers and win multi-million-dollar contracts—even in an economic downturn.


Build Strategic Alliances

Build strategic alliances, coalitions and affiliations (Tier I & II contractors/sub-contractors).


Apply Cost-Saving Ideas

Apply innovative and cost-saving ideas to increase your company’s bottom line.


Win More Contracts

Apply Cost-Saving Ideas


Connect with Procurement

Successfully negotiate with corporate, Federal, State and Local procurement officers.


Learn Procurement Forecasts

Get cutting-edge information on procurement forecasts and schedules.


Master Subcontracting Processes

Master the Federal and State subcontracting processes and get on the GSA schedule.

Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

CelebrASIAN is the largest procurement and business conference to connect Asian American and diversity businesses and Fortune corporations and government agencies to pursue contracting relationships.

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