Why Attend


  • Sell to serious buyers & key decision-makers from Fortune 1000 Corporations
  • Sell to government agencies & national nonprofits
  • Network with C-Suite executives
  • Learn best practices from seasoned entrepreneurs
  • Master subcontracting processes
  • Gain new strategic insights from industry leaders, experts & innovators
  • Learn procurement forecasts
  • Strengthen your core competency
  • Learn how to build capacity
  • Build strategic alliances & collaborate with peers
Suppliers Listening Meeting Selling Booth QA


  • Meet innovative & top-caliber suppliers from new industries
  • Gain fresh ideas with focused & proven solutions
  • Sharpen leadership skills to stay on top
  • Stay up-to-date on industry changes & trends
  • Learn the future of your industry
  • Join strategic discussions on diversity & inclusion
  • Network with peers across industries