Synergy Awards

The Synergy Awards recognize partnerships between corporate and government entities and Pan Asian American and other minority- and diverse-owned businesses that forge new connections or strengthen existing relations to reach greater heights, into a new vision of the future.

We invite teams of small businesses and corporate or government entities* to submit their collaborated projects that highlight the spirit of Synergy Forward — the idea of moving forward together into a brand new era. Submit your project and tell us how you teamed up, worked together, and flourished collectively through your project or campaign.

USPAACC is looking to reward 5 such notable collaborations and relationships that will serve as inspiration for others to build similar partnerships. The award is the first of its kind; a recognition by one of the largest corporate platforms in the US. The participants stand a chance to win one of these awards: 1 Platinum, 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze.

*Including non-profit organizations and education institutions.

Judging Criteria

The judges are looking for tangible and measurable successes resulting from a partnership between a corporate/government owned entity and a minority- and diverse-owned business. These metrics should reflect the mutual success of the participants and not only be limited to achieving the project goal. In simpler terms, the impact of synergy uplifts all participants, so how has each partner benefited from this relationship?

For minority- and diverse-owned businesses, it could be year-over-year revenue growth, business expansion, workforce growth, etc. For corporate/government entities, it could be business success, brand metrics, sales, inquiries, ROI, etc.

Panel of Judges to include long-term trusted corporate, government, minority- or diverse-owned businesses, and other non-profit partners who understand the vision, mission, goal, brand, and history of USPAACC. Judges will receive a survey containing the nominations and will be asked to rank them in order of who best exemplifies The Synergy Awards' qualities.

Panel names to be announced soon.

Submission Criteria

  • Mode of submission should be Word Doc with a file size not more than 10MB. Any video, work, proofs of minority status, etc., can be shared in the form of a downloadable link as a part of the submission.
  • This is a "partnership-based" entry and requires written consent from all parties to be able to submit the nomination. For example, if a minority- and other diverse-owned business A is working with corporation B, then both A & B must provide consent for participation.
  • A “partnership” could be defined as two or more parties working towards a common goal, project, or assignment.
  • At least one of the participants must be a minority- or other diverse-owned business and needs to provide proof of diversity or diversity status. For example, certification of the minority- and diverse-owned status from a recognized certifying organization.
  • The length of the relationship is not a determining criterion. We encourage all new and old partnerships to participate; however, we require that the entry only includes work within 2 years from the date of submission.


  • Expect to get a response by USPAACC in two to three business days
  • The deadline to submit the nomination is October 22, 2021
  • The winners will be notified in advance on October 31, 2021
  • The award presentation will be held virtually during the online conference, Nov 8-10.