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Since its inception, CelebrAsian has gathered tens of thousands of attendees from every industry and thousands of companies under one roof in five US cities.

Sponsorship Packages Additional Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorship general

Sponsorship Packages

Conference Chair




Gold Sponsor


Silver Sponsor


Bronze Sponsor


Copper Sponsor


Circle Sponsor


Executive seating at the Head Table
Speak/Present Awards
Present a video message from the Conference Chair during the Conference
Executives to speak at CPO Forum and CTO & CIO Forum (Corporations Only)
PR articles website & social media6321
CEO greetings in the Program Book
Display promotional materials
FULL Conference registrations10864422
Additional registrations to Jade Jubilee Excellence Awards Dinner1086442
Booths at the Guanxi* Business Opportunities Fair2 Booths2 Booths2 Booths1 Booth1 Booth1 Booth
1-on-1 Business Matchmaking Meeting Table** (Only applicable to Fortune 1000 Corporations)
Advertisement in the Commemorative Conference Program BookFull PageFull PageFull PageFull Page1/2 Page1/2 Page1/2 Page
Special recognition in Conference’s digital & print marketing materials)
Logo on USPAACC website and CelebrASIAN 2020 website for 1 year

*Guanxi is a business term meaning “connections” or “relationship”
**SME Circle Sponsors: 1-on-1 Business Matchmaking Meeting Table can be interchanged with Guanxi* Business Fair Booth

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Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

All Additional Sponsorship Opportunities include:

Recognition in event print & digital marketing materials

Recognition in the event and social media posts

Company logo on event website for a year

Prizes for “What’s Your Pitch?” Competition Exclusive $30,000 (Multiple)

Join forces with USPAACC and help the growth of innovators and change agents of the future. For corporate sponsors, maximize your brand exposure by providing mentorship and expanding community diversity engagements. This sponsorship also provides credible marketing value for startups.

  • Branding displayed on “What’s Your Pitch?” prize checks, program banners, and posters
  • Opportunity to provide hours of mentorship to startups of choice
  • One (1) full conference registration for Venture Capitalist (VC) or Angel Investor
  • Two (2) complimentary Pitch Competition tickets for Venture Capitalist (VC) or Angel Investor

Startup Accelerator for “What’s Your Pitch?” Competition $10,000 (Multiple)

  • Branding displayed on “What’s Your Pitch?” prize checks, program banners, and posters
  • Recognition in PR messages promoting competition up to 6 months before CelebrASIAN 2020 and other related activities

Hotel WiFi $30,000 (1)

Sponsor the WiFi access of all conference participants at CelebrASIAN 2020. Every attendee will need to know the login information – and the password can be your company’s name!

  • Branding displays: registration desk, throughout the venues, networking sessions and during programs.
  • WiFi access and password will be printed on the back of conference attendee’s name badge
  • Two (2) full conference registrations

Registration Booth $20,000 (1)

Sponsor the 2020 CelebrASIAN Procurement + Business Conference registration booth and promote your brand where all the action begins for everyone at.

  • Prominent branding on registration signs, directions and banners at check in area
  • Two (2) Full Conference Registrations

Exhibit of USPAACC History & Heritage $20,000 (1)

Sponsor an impressive photo exhibit that commemorates USPAACC’s 35th Anniversary. The exhibit will showcase our organization’s rich history and accomplishments through the years. Conference participants will walk through a memory lane of photos depicted through large vertical panels that trace key events from USPAACC’s founding in 1984 up to today. Gain maximum exposure through this exhibit that will be prominently displayed in the conference networking area.

  • Feature your relationship story and message in one of the exhibit’s panel walls
  • Two (2) full conference registrations

Survey Station $20,000 (1)

Place your company logo on the touchscreen survey station during the conference. The machine is shared with the photo booth station. will be strategically placed in a conference area with heavy foot traffic to capture attendee flow and solicit real-time survey data from participants.

  • Include 2 of your questions to conference participants on the touchscreen survey with an analytics report delivered post-conference
  • Two (2) full conference registrations

Photo Booth and Social Media Giveaway $20,000 (1)

Place your company logo on the photo booth station during the conference. The photo booth will be able to instantly print out digital copies and send text/email and is shared with the Survey Station. Your logo will be printed with USPAACC’s logo on the photo banner and on the live stream digital social wall every time somebody shares the conference #hashtag. Photos that are reposted will be instantaneously displayed on the digital wall. These photos will be entered into a raffle of your sponsored giveaway prize.

  • Branding on station, photobooth banner for print and digital copies, and live stream wall
  • Provide your own company photo props for fun, interactive photos
  • Host your company #hashtag along with conference tags
  • Host and provide a raffle giveaway as incentive for posting their photos with conference hashtags on social media
  • Two (2) full conference registrations

Networking Lounge $20,000 (1)

Sponsor the CelebrASIAN 2020 Networking Lounge – the premier place for connecting with other conference participants – for the duration of the 3-day conference. The lounge will feature comfortable sofas and a coffee station. The lounge sponsor will have the opportunity to distribute their company’s materials/promotional items to participants, display their signage/logo, and “set up shop” to host meet-and-greet events in the lounge.

  • Two (2) full conference registrations
  • Sponsor to coordinate and provide furniture in the lounge

Conference Lanyard $15,000 (2)

Co-Sponsor the lanyards that all conference participants will wear throughout the 3-day conference. With your company’s branding. Includes 1 full conference registration.

Primary Conference Tote Bag $12,000 (1)

Sponsor our reusable Conference Tote Bags that will hold all the essential items given to all CelebrASIAN 2020’s participants.

  • Your company logo printed on conference tote bags as a main logo alongside the USPAACC logo
  • 1 printed material from your company will be placed inside the tote bags along with other conference materials
  • 1 marketing item or giveaway with your company’s logo to be included inside the tote bags
  • One (1) full conference registration

Welcome Reception Co-Host $10,000 (2)

Co-Host the beverages (including wine, beer, and liquor) to be served to Conference participants as they network during our Welcome Reception prior to the Jade Jubilee Gala!

  • Provide your company’s banners behind the open bars at the networking reception

Conference Video $10,000 (1)

Sponsor the Conference video that will capture important moments, discussions, interviews during the 3-day CelebrASIAN 2020. USPAACC will upload and distribute the post-conference videos online.

  • Branding displayed on video
  • One (1) full conference registration

Conference Name Badge $10,000 (1)

Sponsor the Name Badges that all conference participants will wear.

  • Branding displayed on name badges handed out at registration
  • One (1) full conference registration

Coffee & Tea Station Networking Co-Host $5,000 (Multiple)

Host the coffee and tea stations throughout the 3-day CelebrASIAN 2020. Brand your company and maximize exposure as participants refuel between and during program and networking sessions.

  • Provide your company’s banners by the coffee and tea stations
  • Include your logo at the coffee and tea station signage with a “Thank you to ____ for hosting our coffee and tea!” message

Photobooth $5,000 (1)

Sponsor the Photobooth during CelebrASIAN 2020’s networking reception prior to the Jade Jubilee Gala.

  • Co-Branding on the printed and digital pictures from photobooth

Charitable Cause $5,000 (1)

Do you have a charitable cause that you want to promote? During the conference programs, between sessions, on the conference app and throughout CelebrASIAN 2020, you will have the opportunity to promote and host donations to a charitable cause through collaboration with USPAACC. Funding goes towards the electronic set-up and portals to host donations.

  • Provide a 1 – 2 minute charitable cause clip to be played during an agreed time within the program agenda

Primary Conference Mobile App $5,000 (1)

Co-brand as the Primary Sponsor of the Conference Mobile App and feature your company logo and a brief description of your business on the main splash page.

Social Wall Technology $5,000 (1)

Sponsor the Social Wall equipment and display where conference attendees will interact through their social media posts in real time!

  • Branding displayed on social wall screen and advertisement

Hallmark Scholarship $5,000 (Multiple)

Since 1989, over $2 million in academic scholarships have been awarded through USPAACC. Recipients of these scholarships are college-bound students who are outstanding academically but financially in need. Major corporations have established their Hallmark Scholarships and Asian American businesses have stepped forward to endow the Scholarship Program with their own scholarships. All dollar amounts are given to the scholarship recipients.

  • Present scholarship award to recipient during Business Leaders and Scholarship Awards Luncheon

Silver Conference Tote Bag $5,000 (2)

Co-Sponsor our reusable Conference Tote Bags that will hold all the essential items given to all CelebrASIAN 2020’s participants.

  • Your company logo printed on conference tote bags as a secondary sponsor
  • One (1) full conference registration

Conference Assistant T-Shirts $2,000 (1)

Sponsor the Conference Assistant T-Shirts and feature your company logo. Participants will be able to easily spot our Conference Assistants wearing these shirts throughout the hotel venue, hosting sessions, and registration area.

Scholars’ Travel & Accommodation Amount Varies $3,000 - $5,000 (Multiple)

Sponsor the scholarship recipients (~20+) to come and experience a business conference, and receive their scholarship in person at CelebrASIAN 2020. All dollar amounts will cover scholar’s travel and lodging expenses.

Charging Station $3,000 (Multiple)

Co-Sponsor our popular Charging Station where conference participants will gather to power up their mobile devices and network throughout the 3-day event. Your logo or custom brand message that you provide will be on the table top of your choice (between a high-top cocktail table charging station OR coffee table style charging station). Each station features 4 charging bays, 12 charging cords with different connections, 8 USB ports and 4 additional charging outlets with wireless charging capabilities.

Scholars’ Educational Excursion $3,000 (1)

Sponsor and help select which attractions in the nation’s capital the college-bound scholars should visit on their educational excursion. USPAACC chaperones will coordinate, host, and lead the students in all their trips during the 3-day Conference.

Silver Conference Mobile App $3,000 (2)

Co-brand as the Silver Sponsor of the Conference Mobile App and feature your company logo and a brief description of your business.

Social Wall Advertisements $500 (Multiple)

Display your logo or message on our social media walls that are displayed throughout the conference.

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