Fast100 Asian American Businesses

The 2025 nomination is now OPEN! Apply/nominate at before January 31, 2025.


Strategic Value

  • Receive attention from Fortune 500 Corporations’ procurement departments and government agencies
  • Nationwide recognition
  • Increased possibility for contract opportunities due to publicity
  • Media coverage by renowned regional and national newspapers and magazines


  • Ownership: Company owned and run by Asian American Citizens or Green card holders; Company headquarters need to be in the US. We are looking at their US earning (US Tax return 2022 - 2023)
  • Revenue:
    • At least $1 million in gross annual revenue in 2022 and 2023 respectively
    • The 2023 gross revenue is more than the 2022 gross revenue
  • Personal Appearance: The company President/CEO or senior leadership must be able to receive the award in person


The nomination for 2024 Fast 100 Asian American Business Awards is now open from July 15, 2024 to January 31, 2025. Please apply at

Judging Process, Final Decision, and Result Announcement

The selection is determined based on the applicant/nominee's gross revenue percentage growth rate from the past two years. There will be two groups: product-focused company and service-focused company. An applicant/nominee will compete in the group based on its business focus (product or service). Applicants/nominees will receive the results in March 2025, via direct emails/calls.

USPAACC will officially reveal the awardees to the public at the CelebrASIAN 2025 Business Development Conference in June in Washington, DC.

Nomination/Application Timeline

The 2025 nomination is open from July 15, 2024 to January 31, 2025.


How much does it cost to apply for the award?
No application fee or donation required.

Why do I need to provide my external CPA’s information and my revenue information?
The result of the Fast 50/100 Asian American Business is based on the percentage growth rate of your annual revenue. We request your CPA’s information to verify the gross revenue numbers provided by you.

Who will have access to my information?
USPAACC staff members who work on the award will have access to your information. We keep your information confidential in the process and afterward.

Is the revenue calculated in accrual based accounting (where amounts are booked as revenue when billed) or cash based accounting (amounts booked as revenue when cash is received)?
We can accept accrual or cash based as long as the numbers are verified by a CPA.

I have been in business for only 2 years. My first year’s revenue did not reach $1 million. My business has been growing fast and reached $ 1 million in annual revenue in the second year. Is my business eligible to apply for the award?
In this case, you are not eligible this year. The revenue for each year must reach $1 million. We look forward to your application next year!

When will USPAACC inform me about the result?
We will inform applicants about their results via email and phone call in April, so the awardees can plan their registration & trip to receive the award.

If our CEO/President cannot attend CelebrAsian Procurement + Business Conference, can my company still be ranked as Fast 50/100 Asian American Business?

CEO/President’s appearance is mandatory. If your CEO/ President cannot attend the event in person, please send executive(s) to represent them.

Does the CEO/President/executive(s) who will represent our company to receive the Fast 50/100 award need to pay for the registration fee to attend the award ceremony at CelebrASIAN Business Development Conference?