Doing Business with Corporations

Suppliers will learn how to successfully get into and stay in the Construction, Manufacturing and Clean Tech industries, and the requirements to be a part of the supply chain of these large industries.

Oil, Gas, Electricity, and Alternative Energy

As a leading producer and supplier of energy – oil, gas, electric, and renewable energy – the United States is also one of the world’s largest energy consumers. Hear from Southern California Edison and other big players in the industry like Shell, BP, Chevron, and find out how to successfully become a valued player in the Energy sector, and learn the requirements to be an integral part of the supply chain in this $200 Billion market.

Tech & Cybersecurity

Today’s cybersecurity market has grown exponentially as the need for cloud-based cybersecurity solutions continue to spike among corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Hear what buyers from market drivers like IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco are looking for in suppliers. Where are the current and future opportunities for suppliers in this competitive and rapidly growing sector? How can small businesses participate in this $250 billion industry?