Why Attend

Connect and meet one-on-one with Fortune corporations and governments to pursue contracting relationships at the largest procurement conference for Asian American and minority businesses.

Learn Strategies to Grow Your Business

Learn the best resources, right solutions and viable strategies to grow your business

Access to Green Opportunities

Explore and access lucrative “green” opportunities

Sell to New Customers

Sell to new customers and win multi-million-dollar contracts—even in an economic downturn

Build Strategic Alliances

Build strategic alliances, coalitions and affiliations (Tier I & II contractors/sub-contractors)

Apply Cost-Saving Ideas

Apply innovative and cost-saving ideas to increase your company’s bottom line

Leverage USPAACC's Certification to Win More Contracts

Leverage USPAACC’s certification to win more contracts

Negotiate with Corporate & Government Procurement Officers

Successfully negotiate with corporate, Federal, State and Local procurement officers

Learn Procurement Forecasts and Schedules

Get cutting-edge information on procurement forecasts and schedules

Master Federal & State Subcontracting Processes

Master the Federal and State subcontracting processes and get on the GSA schedule