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The applicant must provide the following items in the order below:

  1. Download the scholarship application form, complete it and attach a 2” x 2” high resolution headshot photo (scanned pictures will not be accepted); staple the upper right corner of the photo in the photo area of the application
  2. Additional attachment, if necessary, describing extracurricular activities, academic honors, and community service activities (maximum 2 pages)
  3. An essay of 500 words on “Why Should I Be Awarded this Scholarship?” typed in double-space and signed by the applicant and his/her academic guidance counselor on the upper right hand corner
  4. Transcripts from high school capturing the past two years of coursework
  5. A copy of most recent household tax return signed by taxpayer(s)
  6. Two letters of recommendation from those listed as references in the application: (1) one from high school, and (1) one from a community service organization (recommendations must be in sealed envelopes)
  7. Information on proposed post-secondary course of study (major) and associated costs (tuition/room/board from one university being applied for)

Send the requested information only; do not send additional materials.

The application and required documents must be sent together in one complete package.

The application and all supporting documents will be kept confidential.  They will not be returned.  Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the college of the recipient’s choice and will be used for college tuition only.

Application Deadline

Scholarship applications due date is March 13, 2015. USPAACC will not be able to accept applications postmarked after that date.