Meet the Disrupters

Meet the Disrupters features entrepreneurs and business leaders who have upended an existing market with a disruptive innovation. These successful pathfinders share insights into how to discover disruptive innovations and how to turn disruptive ideas/concepts into actual game changing innovations.
Charles Huang, Co-Creator of "Guitar Hero" with Jacob Hsu of Catalyte, and Susan Au Allen, National President & CEO, USPAACC.
David U. Lee, Co-Producer of films Forbidden Kingdom and Shanghai, and President of Leeding Media.
Ashley Woolheater, Policy Associate, Facebook/Oculus, shares how creativity and innovations could easily be stifled by regulations and taxes.
Patrick Lee, Co-Creator of "Rotten Tomato" and now Co-Founder of Hobo Labs.
Charles Huang, Co-Creator or "Guitar Hero" and now Co-Founder of Redoctane.
Brian Wong, CEO & Founder, KIIP
Tim Hwang, CEO, FiscalNote
DK Singh, CPO, Schneider Electric listens intently to the Disrupters.
Jacob Hsu, the Moderator, serial entrepreneur and now CEO of Catalyte.
Khoa Le produced "Mick before Disney" and "The Yankees" documentaries. Have you ever met him at other supplier diversity conferences? No because USPAACC discovered him!
Disrupter Brian Wong and fans.
"Rotten Tomato" Co-Creator shared a private moment with General Motors.
Patrick Lee, "Rotten Tomato", Hobo Labs; David U. Lee, Leeding Media; Brian Wong, KIIP; Susan Au Allen, USPAACC; Tim Hwang, FiscalNote; Charles Huang, Redoctane and "Guitar Hero"; Ashley Woolheater, Facebook/Oculus; Jacob Hsu, Catalyte.