Accolades at CelebrAsian 2015

We want to thank all the sponsors and participants of CelebrAsian 2015! With great vision and strong wind at our back, let us soar because the sky is the limit.
-Susan Au Allen, National President & CEO
  • Barack Obama

    I send greetings to all those attending CelebrAsian 2015 and marking its 30th year. For 30 years, CelebrAsian has brought leaders in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community together to recognize contributions in business and collaborate on ways to build a more prosperous future, helping to make good on our country’s promise of opportunity and write the next great chapter of our Nation’s story

    Barack Obama President, United States
  • John Boehner

    CelebrAsian Procurement Conference is the largest annual national Asian American business conference in the United States. Asian Americans are a fast-growing population in our country and the leading role many play in running American businesses is an important part of our economy. My appreciation to all attending this conference for the key role you are playing to help to secure our Nation’s future.

    John Boehner Speaker of the House
  • Indra Nooyi

    Over these last three decades, you have been instrumental in creating a unified, strong and clear voice on behalf of disparate Asian American subgroups across different industries nationwide, fostered a proud tradition of serving Asian American businesses and their partners in Corporate America, government agencies, large non-profit organizations, and minority business associations, and advocated for the rights of Asian American and small and minority businesses in the halls of Congress. You have set a high standard for other organizations to aspire to. Congratulations on reaching an important milestone – your 30th Anniversary!

    Indra K. Nooyi Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo, CelebrAsian Conference Chair 2005, 2010, 2014
  • Rakesh Sachdev

    Being there in person gave me a real appreciation of what you and your team have accomplished -- truly remarkable in the way you connect and help the Asian American community from all walks of life. It was a real 'Gathering of the Eagles.' My hats off to you! Please keep me posted on your progress and let me know if I can be of any further help in your journey.

    Rakesh Sachdev President & CEO, Sigma-Aldrich Corporation and Chair, CelebrAsian Conference Chair 2015

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  • Sanjay Khosla

    Wow! I was so excited by what you have achieved in 30 years and also your desire to continue to fly! The organization was truly superb!

    Sanjay Khosla Board member, Best Buy and Zoetis
  • Stephane C.  Masson

    This event has been a fantastic success and I deeply enjoyed joining the Chief Procurement Officers panel. Super job and you really are amazing! Looking forward to the next events.

    Stephane C. Masson VP, Global Procurement, Marriott International
  • Keith Sultana

    You've built an amazing machine with fantastic constituents. I was very impressed by the level of discussion and engagement

    Keith Sultana CVP, Global Procurement, Ingersoll Rand
  • David Lee

    It was my privilege to serve and to witness an inspiring and highly energized agenda and community of professionals promoting the concerns and welfare of Asian Americans in the United States. There is nothing like the USPAACC in all my wanderings in the US. It was indeed a class act from planning to execution!

    David Lee SVP Enterprise Architecture Business, PNC Bank
  • Ying McGuire

    WOW—what a great event!!! Impressive powerful alliances with other diversity chambers; unforgettable speeches by the millionaires under 40 and scholarship recipients. Congratulations!! So proud of being an Asian American!!!!

    Ying McGuire Technology Integration Group
  • Nina Vaca

    A heartfelt congratulations for a wonderful milestone. Beautiful photo, evidence of collaboration. Wishing you the best always!

    Nina Vaca Pinnacle1