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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is rapidly transforming the strategic importance of Information Technology work. As Digital Natives become the largest consumer population around the globe, digital channels and digitization of front-to-back business processes and platforms are necessitating change in the way IT is planned, created, and delivered. At the same time, crossover competition from digital-only competitors from large global platforms to innovative startups are raising the stakes higher than ever for C-level executives.

How can we successfully navigate the new IT landscape to create optimal results for customers and business? What are proven success strategies for delivering IT work in this ever digitizing world?
Pan Asian American suppliers were all ears as they listened intently to a private Technology Growth session on the furture of IT.
Scott Dillon of Wells Fargo, Chintan Mehta of Walgreens, Joshua Soliz of MGM Resorts International, Steve Hagood of Ingersoll Rand, Ralf Nickel of General Motors, Michael Nolfo of Enterprise Holdings, Jim Tussing of Nationwide Insurance, and Krish Krishnan of Ampcus, at an intensive 2-hour discussion and Q&A.
Ralf Nickel, Global Director & Chief Contracting Officer, IT, General Motors; and Michael Nolfo, CTO, Enterprise Holdings.
An in-depth exploration of transformational ideas for the future of IT. Scott Dillon, CTO, Wells Fargo; Chintan Mehta, CTO, Walgreens Boot Alliance; Joshua Soliz, VP & CTO, MGM Resorts International; Steve Hagood, CTO, Ingersol Rand; Ralf Nickel, Global Director & Chief Contracting Officer IT, General Motors; Michael Nolfo, CTO, Enterprise Holdings; Jim Tussing, VP & Enterprise Chief Architect, Nationwide Insurance; Krish Krishnan, CTO, Ampcus; Kishore Khandavalli, Co-Moderator and CEO, Seven Tablets.
"You did an awesome job moderating the 9-titan panel with Kishore, Jin!"
Fortune CTO & CIO Forum panelists with USPAACC National President & CEO, and Asian American technology company CEOs.