Chief Procurement Officers Forum

Fortune 500 Procurement Officers will discussed domestic and global trends in the supply chain, issues and challenges facing the business community in the U.S. as well as the roles that small and medium size companies could play in this changing market for mutually beneficial outcomes.
"They could be funny, too."
CPO Forum Panelists at a glance.
Panelists: Gun Shim of Pacific Gas & Electric, Tom Lutz of US Bank, Michael Cooper of Walt Disney, DK Singh of Schneider Electric, John Evans of Ingersoll Rand, and Susan Au Allen of USPAACC.
CPOs from AARP, Sempra Energy Utility, Southern California Edison, Caesars Entertainment, Pacific Gas & Electric, UPS, Nationwide Insirance, US Bank, and Charter Communication.
Chief Procurement Officers and USPAACC National and Regional leadership gathered for Brunch, and received an update on the status of Asian American business, before the CPO Forum in Services opens on May 31, 2017.
"Looking to export? I can move your goods."
CPO Forum in Manufacturing: DK Singh of Schneider Electric.
Fortune CPOs with USPAACC National President & CEO, National Board Members, Regional Presidents, and Conference Co-Chairs.